Gabie Strong interview in Cordella Magazine

Writer and Editor Cate Clother interviews artist Gabie Strong in the new edition of Cordella Magazine, Re/Cast

In this issue, we’re joining our artists, writers, healers, and musicians in recasting narratives. As we encourage others to pursue their journeys and think about the stories they want to tell, we’re committed to finding what suits our own lives and what sustains us individually and as a magazine. Along with the women and non-binary creators featured here, we’re casting off ideas that don’t serve us, casting spells on the patriarchy, casting light on the ever-present stigma and clouds of mental illness, and casting off inauthentic selves. You can think of this issue as a cast that holds space for something while it heals, or a material being cast and sculpted again and again. We’re casting off people who try to impose their limitations and concepts of who we are and what we should be doing on us—performing a ritual cleansing and making our own ceremonies.

CMS catalogue available on digital streaming and sales platforms

Crystalline Morphologies is pleased to announce the official digital distribution of most titles through The Orchard.

This includes streaming on Spotify, iMusic and others, as well as available for purchase in the iTunes store.

We are also of course still available for purchase and downloads through our preferred provider bandcamp.

I am extremely grateful to Yann Novak of Dragon’s Eye Recordings for assisting Crystalline Morphologies in digital distribution, and to Mike Harding of Touch. for his mentorship.

-Gabie Strong, Dreammmama


Beginning To End - Three Day Celebration!

CMS artists at Human Resources Los Angeles

Beginning to End: A Three Day Celebration is curated by Grant Capes

Welcome to the first night of the three day celebration of music and performance at Human Resources Los Angeles as part of 2019-Q1.

Quite a few other fine musicians are changing their residencies temporarily to there as well... mostly because they are on tour.... please consider bringing some dough, the dough you saved on ticket prices and expensive drinks, and make a donation to these bands, if you can.

Merch of all sorts will be available too.. just make sure to plan on being there the day of a performer's performance if you want their swag... and you will be purchasing that goodness direct from the acts.

Shows are ALL AGES... there are sadly no handicapped accessible bathrooms in Human Resources so please plan accordingly.

There will be water and refreshments for sale as well.. Cash only please... we are still in the dark ages

Thank you ahead of time and hope to see you out and about!

8:15pm - A ∩ D - we will not dwell in the sadness that the Deep Silence could not play but revel in the happiness that Ang Wilson and Devin Sarno will be kicking this whole festival off in high style. Come float with us and leave this heavy world behind.

9pm - McCann / Sullivan / Twomey - returning for another performance at this fine hall, these three challengers of sound and thought will take us down the road on a journey we will not soon forget.  Live and recorded media mix and weave together creating a 4th dimension of tone and texture.

10pm - KID606 - a fave of mine for many many years, and now I get to watch him play up close and personal.. Get yourself ready for a multi-channel video presentation as well.. .next level indeed'

11pm - SANA SHENAI - timeless in its existence, this superduo of DNTEL (Jimmy Tamborello) and Mitchell Brown have just recently unleashed an EP on Leaving Records that broke a few End of Year lists for 2018... Come see and hear them start their work in a new year. 

then around MIDNIGHT we are proud to bring you PERPETUAL DRONE, an extended block of drone and sound bath performances, hosted by Miguel de Pedro and his epic crew.  They have been captivating and fascinating LA audiences for years with light and sound magic!

so far we have TOM HALL (Sonoptik/Cycling74/Elli), JONATHAN SNIPES (clipping), JOHN CARROLL KIRBY (Leaving Records), JAKE MUIR (Sferic/Further), and CHRIS AVITABILE (Collapsible Animals) performing back to back to back 30 min sets!!!!!


Beginning to End: Day 2

Saturday, March 9  doors 11:30am


cash bar

noon - Saint Cecilia will serenade us over coffee and donuts.  Sweetness and light served with a hot splash of wake-up!!!!

12:45 - Soft Sailors - Geoff Geis and crew bring their new musical project to the stage/floor of HR to help kick the second day in the butt, softly.  Sail away with them.

1:30 - Daniel Brummel and Emily Lacy - the heavens open up, the soil sings... mechanical birds flitter and tweet... this is vocal folk for the yoga age... restful and swelling at the same time.

2:30 - Derek Monypeny - back in the day, this band came from Oakland called Oaxacan.  They raged in such a mind-bending way that was unforgettable... Luckily the guitarist Derek came back and has played at HR both as a solo oudist (?) and with his newer collective ALTO!  so it was a no brainer to have him join us again.

3:00 - Sahba Sizdahkhani - you will remember this name once you see this gentleman play his Persian santour.

4:00 - the Gift Machine - friends from San Diego up for a visit to our lovely city, bringing with them beautifully crafted songs of happy sadness.

5:00 - SheKhan - Kathleen Kim and Kelly Coats effortlessly combine instrumental virtuosity with knob twiddling craziness.  Like Don Cherry for the techno age.

6:00 - Timonium - i am sorry, what year is it?  well hold onto your pilows cuz Timonium is taking over HR for an hour, rocking like a granny on a porch.  Dreamy shoe gaze the likes of which hasn't walked this earth for 15 years.

7:15 - Voice on Tape - i like to heckle this guy, but it is only because i am so jealous of his songwriting craft, effortless guitar playing and super romantic voice.

and then there was JAZZ

8:00 - Ace Ford Farren and the Artificial Art Ensemble - quizzical and mystical, this irreverent master of the wind and whistle is curing an hour of musical adventure for us.. .come with!  Andy Seven - tenor saxophone, Mars Pharoah Ford - DX7, Michael Intriere - cello, Orlando Greenhill - bass, Rich West - drums & percussion, Itsuro Isokawa -  flutes and harmonicas Ace on the rest

9:15 - Dan Clucas' Lost Iguana Ensemble - please join Dan Clucas (cornet), Christopher Garcia (El Monstro percussion), Breana Gilcher (oboe), Nathan Hubbard (vibraphone), Kyle Motl (double bass) and Brian Walsh (bass clarinet) as they present *After Upingos*

10:30 - Danketsu 9 - like that is nine, as in nine people!!!! a mighty sound indeed.  Please welcome Patrick Shirioshi, Kelly Coats, Pauline Lay, Ang Wilson, Mallory Soto, Dylan Fujioka, Noah Guevara, Jason Adams and Ken Moore.  Also get excited for special video accompaniment.

11:30 - Rob Magill's Human Resources Dance Ensemble - Weird Cry Records master impressario brings another mad creation to our humble halls.

12:30 - 4am  - Psychobabes Afterhours presented by Crass Lips Records with Autosex, bite marx, Mr California and the State Police, Kinetic Attack, Squirrel Spam, Gaylord Fiend and Spring Bleeding... Crass Lips Records, label home of the insanely prolific and prophetic Period Bomb and it is my honor to have them curate this fine celebration of new California music


Beginning to End: Day 3

Sunday, March 10  doors 11:30am 


cash bar 

noon Sobbing Honey - Grant Capes and Mike Meanstreetz.  tone and silence. gibbering beats and accidental blasts.  don't worry, it will be over soon.

12:30 James Fella / Seth Kasselman - visitors from the mighty desert citadel of Phoenix.  Expect a diversity of unsettling sounds and pleasing juxtapositions.  Jazz for calculators

1:15 SIDLE - bass destruction unit superior

1:45 Bonemagic - Oklahoma sized metal zone noise merchant.  Masterful curator of the Tulsa Noise Fest

2:15 Rust Worship - the answer is in the tapes, cut and repeat, loop and destroy.

3:00 Gabie Strong and Christopher Reid Martin - two heads are better than one... individually these two slay, but together, hide your mind lest it be blasted

3:45 LOOP GOAT - Californian by way of Michigan, Jessica A's sometimes masked persona careens and caresses her guitar and voice thru cascades of distortion and processing, hypnotizing her prey before going in for the kill.

4:30 Witches of Malibu - funny to think of the darkest sounds coming from the nicest people.  Such is the distinct case with the electro-wizardry of the pedal and box wielder that is cloaked as Witches of Malibu... Surf the blood red tide with us.

5:30 Rogue Squares - the combined might of Elaine Carey and Carlos Giffoni, rocking the permutations of vibrations and the waves that save. 

6:15 Conscious Summary - main man at the (Handbag) Factory, shining hope for all things independent and good, Samur also has created a beautifully frightening multimedia performance that is not to be missed.

7:00 Ian E. Wellman - another bright spot in the landscape of LA's experimental music scene, Ian has just released a stellar full length on Dragon's Eye and has also continued to thrill us in the duo ZZyzxxzyzz

7:30 Umbra Vita - epic psychonauts from the Inland Empire...  hoping the space can contain their expanse!!!

8:15 ANDORKAPPEN - A stalwart supporter and protagonist of all things extreme and true, ANDORKAPPEN is a distillation of sound and rhythm, a black hole of limitless energy (til he spills his drink on it)

8:45 GASP - another timeless classic, still evolving and warping into your earholes.  GASP is the best of so many worlds and also chock full of many friends of HRLA.

9:30 Skyline Electric - always an epic adventure, this band of crazies was definitely first on my list to play this fest.  They have the uncanny ability to wrap up tight as a ball of rubberbands and then spring out and fill a huge space like a cloud of laughing gas.

10:45 Whirlynn - You can't take LA out of this current Floridian.  Vanessa Whirlynn is coming back west to show her hometown what's up, with keyboard, kaos pad and voice.  Mystic references to Broadcast and Portishead abound but wrapped together in an all-new shell.

11:15 Taleen Kali - blissful cycles of tone and light to calm the fest in its last hours.  A true innovator and creator in the LA landscape, we are pleased and proud to host this artist.

midnight - Salted Circle - a meeting of the minds, three parts coming together to crush expectation and rewrite our DNA.  a trinity neither holy nor unholy

1am - Psychic Health - you say you like beats, you say you like to dance.. this is dancing with your head down, with your eyes closed and brain expanding inward.