Gabie Strong interview in Cordella Magazine

Writer and Editor Cate Clother interviews artist Gabie Strong in the new edition of Cordella Magazine, Re/Cast

In this issue, we’re joining our artists, writers, healers, and musicians in recasting narratives. As we encourage others to pursue their journeys and think about the stories they want to tell, we’re committed to finding what suits our own lives and what sustains us individually and as a magazine. Along with the women and non-binary creators featured here, we’re casting off ideas that don’t serve us, casting spells on the patriarchy, casting light on the ever-present stigma and clouds of mental illness, and casting off inauthentic selves. You can think of this issue as a cast that holds space for something while it heals, or a material being cast and sculpted again and again. We’re casting off people who try to impose their limitations and concepts of who we are and what we should be doing on us—performing a ritual cleansing and making our own ceremonies.